Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 Months

Most of our five month pictures were in the last blog and took place in Tulsa, however here are a few. We started cereal the last week before she turned 6 months. It was very funny and she loves it now.

We started a sippy cup the same time we started the cereal. She took to it really well also and now loves drinking water out of her sippy.

This is her doll (whom she LOVES) that we have named "Dollie Jean" after my grandma.

Snuggling with Dollie Jean.

"Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away...." (Please ignore the boogies).

This huge laugh was the result of Daddy tickling Addie's face with Dollie Jean's hair.

Stiff as a board. I love me some Addie kisses.

Daddy and his girl.

She's a cool girl.
I have more pics that I will post soon. I'm working on gathering up those photos. I promise it won't take me as long to post this time. Thanks for visiting our blog!!!

Visit to Oklahoma!!!

Adalynn and I were able to come home again and it was very fun. We were able to surprise my great friend Brooke while she was at the hospital giving birth to her second son Cash Grayson. We got to see some family and have some good times. I love going back home to visit but I am starting to like Vancouver more cause when I'm gone, I miss it. We had a few "firsts" while in Tulsa... first time to swing and first time to the zoo!

Here is Addie with cousin Lindsey.

Cousin Hailey and Adalynny.

Cousins!!! From Left: Lindsey, Adalynn, Hailey and Aiden.

My nephew Austin and Adalynn.

My brother Jeremy and Addie.

This is our pastor's daughter, Zoe and Addie.

Adalynn Taite.

Check out those bunny slippers from Poppi. He bought them for her before she was even born!

Adalynn and Holland. Hugs!

They own the same dress so we made them twinkies this day.

We took this picture for Daddy and emailed it to him cause we missed him very much.

Brooke and Cash Grayson hours after he arrived.

Brooke, Cash and big brother Aidan!

Adalynn striking a pose in Brooke's surgery cap!

Aidan is such a good big brother... to both Addie and Cash!

Seth, Brooke and Cash.

Addie and Cash taking a snooze together on the couch. She looks so big next to him! It's crazy to think she was that size just 5 months before.

Mommy and Addie... photo my Aidan Breck Smith :)

Addie's first time to swing. We took her to the park and tried the huge "cage" swing first...

Then we moved down to the baby swings and she was NOT sure about it at first. I couldn't tell if she was pooping or scared lol.

Still not too sure about it...

But then started smiling and laughing!!!

She loves the swings now and we go often! We live right by a park.

Addie's first trip to the zoo.

She paid attention very well and looked at the animals.

And then she pooped out in the buggy.

This picture is actually from when we were in Tulsa the month before but I forgot to post it last time. This is Adalynn with Kai and Kaden. They are Stacey's boys.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Long Time, No Type...

Wow. It has been way way too long since I last posted. There have been a couple reasons but the main two are that most of these pictures were all on my mom's laptop in Oklahoma and I didn't have access to them and the other is that our computer is not working and won't be for another week.
So much has changed and Adalynn is getting so big!
I will start with a few pictures from 3 Months and 4 Months.

Story time with Mommy.

Addie sucking her thumb after book time.

We make each other smile.

I love kissing those cheeks!

Adalynn putting on her lipstick with her lipstick rattle.

Playing her on playmat.

Addie playing with her musical garden that her G bought her.

Pretty girl.

Addie wearing Mama's shoes from when I was a little girl.

Always full of laughs.

Where's the baby?!

If you look closely, she had just spit up on her foot and then gave me that "oops" look. That is also about the same time she learned to sit up on my lap alone.

This was her first time in her Jumperoo exersaucer and she LOVED it. Her favorite part is the frog.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have such long beautiful hair!!!!" Adalynn with her dress on her head.

Awww so sad but oh so cute!

Kisses for her bunny!

Bath Time!!!

She loves bath time.

Naked baby, naked baby!

Kiss Kiss!

My beautiful baby girl who has changed my life forever!